Downloading & Installing our apps

Please click here to see a step by step guide for downloading, installing and using our apps for Android, iPhone, and Windows PC, and please note that while registering, we need you to enter your mobile number in full international format, example: 00201001234567 or +201001234567 in order for you to receive the SMS verification code, but after registration your account number will be for example: 201001234567 only, please follow the following simple rules when making or receiving calls from within WeBeCall apps:

Dial for free to his WeBeCall account Dial Paid call from your WeBeCall credit to his phone on premium route* Dial Paid call from your WeBeCall credit to his phone on standard route**
(example) When you call to your relative or friend in the UK: 4412345678 +4412345678 or 004412345678 114412345678

*Premium rates apply (see rates)

**Standard rates apply (see rates)

Low rate international calls from WeBeCall “All Services”

Use WeBeCall Softphone “Smartphone app” and your WeBeCall account to make very low calls with GSM voice quality to any desired destination.

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No more VOIP service disappointments

What most sites offer…

You can find lots of sites that have rates lower than us, there are reasons behind that, they offer very poor VOIP Service, so unreliable and poor in sound quality, so you end up spending all your credit on sentences like “YOUR VOICE IS BREAKING” or “YOUR VOICE IS TOO LOW” or the most famous one “CAN YOU HEAR ME??”

What we offer…

We offer a service based on the latest telecommunications technology by connection through GSM Networks, so you get an incomparable rates for a unique service quality, with crystal clear sound, no interruptions, no disconnections and much more reliable.

With us you really get great value for your money, and here is the advance technology, when you use our services you get a the option of purchasing a real international US phone number, “WeBeNumber” as a second phone number for only $2 per month, which will be linked to your Local GSM Number and will appear to all the people you call, or you have the option just to show your native mobile number “Free of Charge” unlike VoIP services which uses a different internet number each time or sometimes without even a number.

Talk A Lot More For A Lot Less

Mobile Softphone
“Smartphone app”

WeBeCall lets you use your account on WeBeCall mobile Softphone “Smartphone app” Just download WeBeCall Softphone “Smartphone app” on your Smartphone or through our PC Software, and enjoy FREE & low rate calls… Coming very soon “ FREE chatting and FREE Video calls on both mobile and PC”.



Use our WeBeCall PC Dialer to make unbelievably low rate calls to any destination desired with your WeBeCall account. (WeBeNumber “Optional for $2 Monthly” + Free between users online)


Calling from your Smartphone?
We’ve got you covered.

WeBeCall Mobile Softphone “Smartphone app” lets you use your WeBeCall account on your Smartphone.
Just download our Softphone “Smartphone app” on your Smartphone and enjoy low rate calls.
Use your WeBeCall account with your iOS / Android / Windows . You only need an internet connection and you're set to make FREE calls between WeBeCall subscribers & low rate calls to any phone.